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Call Recorder Boldbeast v13.2 (Pro) Apk

Call Recorder Boldbeast v13.2 (Pro) Apk: Two reasons you need this app ============================= * You need a real business level call recorder, safe, clean, stable. * You need high quality recordings. Main features ============================= * Record phone call * Record voice memo, meeting, lecture, interview etc * Manage recordings – search, play back, view, delete,

T Swipe Pro Gestures v4.7 Paid Apk

T Swipe Pro Gestures v4.7 Paid Apk: T Swipe Pro Gestures v4.7 Paid Apk at, T Swipe Pro Gestures uses an accessibility service to help users with disabilities to perform custom actions by simply swipe on the screen; also allows control your device without using physical buttons. T Swipe Pro Gestures is the evolution